Have you ever noticed a pattern that certain nagging health issues reappear or increase during the Autumn season?  If you have, then you’ve tuned in to the energy of the Fall season aggravating your health, let me explain how this happens. We’ve just come from Summer which has the qualities of being hot, intense, sweaty […]

Not All Bacteria Are Bad!!!

Did you know that we have more bacteria in our intestinal tracts than we do cells in the entire body? Does that mean we are really more bacteria than we are human? (We’ll save that for later…) As for the 100 trillion bacteria that live in your digestive system, you should know that these are […]

Is Your Food A Pain In The Neck?

As a Physical Therapist for the last 30 years, I have successfully worked with thousands of people with musculoskeletal pain, but it was the patients whose pain that did not resolve that lead me to integrate my Certified Nutritionist services with Physical Therapy, and uncover the digestive tract as a source of pain that looks […]

Getting Real about Gluten Free (GF)

Many of you have discovered, or are in the process of discovering, whether or not you and gluten are compatible. To make the initial phase of eliminating your favorite gluten-containing foods easier, we almost always suggest GF substitutes. It is important to understand that these substitutes are usually highly processed carbohydrates, often filled with sugar, […]

Daily Health Practice

Brushing your teeth is a no-brainer when it comes to daily health advice. But have you heard about cleaning your tongue? This should be done every morning before you brush your teeth. This daily practice helps to get rid of bacteria and yeast that build up on your tongue overnight, and prevents it from re-entering […]

Spirituality and Food

My trip to Bali in 2008 was not only a colorful and taste filled adventure but also a lesson in spirituality and food. Wherever I went in Bali, I found it easy to eat wholesome and well- balanced meals. They use fresh herbs and spices ground by hand, in combinations that result in clean and […]


I’m having an herbal iced tea at the Starbucks in South Beach, Florida and as a Certified Nutritionist I can’t be in this locale without posting a few comments about  the famous South Beach Diet.  This very popular diet has been helpful to many of its followers by promoting fewer carbs and enforcing a good […]