Discover the cause of your chronic symptoms and make a plan to finally fix your health

One-on-One Patient Care

Whether seeking help for an injury, acute or chronic pain, fatigue, digestive, or metabolic problems, Sheila’s focus is to find the source of your complaints.

By discovering the cause of your symptoms we can create a plan of recovery to help resolve your specific health issue. You’ll receive customized action steps that are specific to optimizing your health issues and that you can incorporate right away.

Finally Fix Your Health With Sheila Wagner

Optimize and Manage Your Health in The Greater San Francisco Marin Region

Educational Programs

In addition to one-on-one patient care, Sheila Wagner, PT, CN has created educational programs that empower and motivate you to finally optimize and manage your health.

Sheila teaches you the important information that you really need to know in order to improve how you feel. Her educational programs include blood sugar mastery, detoxification, stress reduction and more.

Educational Programs to Finally Fix Your health

Sheila Wagner | Nutritionist and Physical Therapist

Complimentary Assessment

This 15 minute, free assessment allows Sheila to gain clarity of your situation and needs.

Here she will gain an overview of your current health condition that helps determine your best next steps. It's the perfect place to start if you have ongoing symptoms and have not yet found relief, or if you want to learn how Sheila would approach your situation and whether it is a match for you.

Complimentary Session With Sheila Wagner

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