newsletterHaving just finished running another Detoxification Program this summer, I’m reminded about how eliminating certain foods and beverages not only gives our bodies a break from the taxing process of metabolizing fake or toxic foods, but also how it can be a critical step to discovering underlying fatigue issues that actually need consultation and treatment.

My detox program, Cleanse Your Body, Change Your Liferuns 2-3 times per year and there are always a few people each year who feel more tired at the end than when they started.  These are red flags for me as a practitioner.  These people often ask in shocking disbelief, “how can I feel more tired now when I’ve just eaten better than I have in years?”  My answer: “Welcome to the true you, now let’s find out what that’s coming from and fix it!”  Among these people are top CEO’s of fast growing companies, small business owners with hourly demands, athletes with competition around the corner and soccer Moms with 24/7 responsibilities.  Feeling tired is their worst nightmare!  That’s why they will do anything to cover up that feeling in order to keep going and meet the demands of life.  Sound familiar?

Much like reconstructing a worn out house or refurbishing old furniture, the most beautiful and long lasting result comes from stripping back layers of inadequate rehabilitation attempts and starting fresh from the foundational reality.  Your health is similar–if you never know what you are really like without coffee, alcohol, chocolate, flour and sugar,  all valiant attempts to keep you going, you will never know the reality of what needs rebuilding with your health let alone the chance to find out where it stems from!

Further assessment with all of these cases has uncovered some significant issue that warranted further treatment.  In many cases I found adrenal dysfunction  that needed a structured treatment protocol.  In a few cases there has been possibly long standing undiagnosed thyroid dysfunction and referral to an endocrinologist for consultation was a key and critical step for proper treatment.  Other cases show the need for proper assessment and support of brain nutrition, an area when imbalanced will powerfully drive us to unhealthy eating behaviour in attempt to make up for feeling tired, low or unmotivated.  Anemia, Sleep Apnea, Lyme Disease and other medical issues are all possible sources of fatigue.  If we only ‘treat’ the symptom with a good ol’ cuppa Joe or a Dove’s Dark, we may never know that a more critical condition exists that will only worsen over time if left undetected and unsupported!  That’s why I encourage, support and congratulate you for stepping up to seriously take care of your health and have the courage to find the underlying truth!

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Opinions & Feedback:

  1. When we change our diet we change our identity in many ways.
    I noticed when I stopped eating bread and most grains I shifting my perception of who I was and how I interacted in social situations.

    The beauty of changing your diet is the opportunity to change your identity!

    Wonderful article Sheila!

  2. Awesome post, Sheila! When I used to drink coffee I was under illusion that it was giving me energy but it was actually making me more tired with significant dips during the day. Ever since I let it go, I have even energy throughout my day and I get way more done as a result!

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom,

  3. Excellent article Sheila! I know people who could just run an IV line from the coffee pot! You are right, the stressful lives we have created have also created physical stresses such as adrenal gland burnout and thyroid disfunction. So common! I hope people take your advice and go to the bottom line instead of the bandaid fixes. About that Dove Dark…yummm (kidding!!!)

  4. As one of Sheila’s detoxers, I am amazed at how my body can really feel without the “fake” stimulants that we use in our search for a quick fix.
    Thanks for sharing this, Sheila!

  5. Excellent points, Sheila! I seldom consume caffeine, but I did recently right before I was planning to go to bed. I was up for HOURS when I really wanted to be sleeping — made me really notice the power of caffeine! YIKES! Thanks for shedding light on this important topic! XO, Katherine
    Life Blossoming Systems

  6. Sheila,
    Thanks for exposing crutches in our daily lifestyles that mask true health weaknesses. Great article.
    Kiyla Fenell

  7. Sheila,
    This sentence jumped out at me:
    Your health is similar–if you never know what you are really like without coffee, alcohol, chocolate, flour and sugar,

    Wow, what a good point! You’ve inspired me!

  8. Hear, hear! Caffeine is a band-aid, not a long-term fix. I’m SO glad you are showing people how to pinpoint and solve their health issues the RIGHT way. :)

  9. Hi, Shelia –

    I totally agree with the need to clean up periodically. I am curious about your opinion of green tea (given that it has caffeine in it).


  10. I used to drink coke in ridiculous amounts as a cover up whenever I was tired. I finally made the decision to remove coke from my diet but it did take a couple of months before the cravings stopped. Instead I drink more water and amazingly enough I even have more energy.

  11. Sheila,

    As one of those with underlying issues – this post hit close to home. It is always useful to question what is underneath that tired feeling. Coffee will only take you so far.

    Thanks for the generosity in what you do!


  12. Sheila,
    You are so right on the money with the coffee cycle and the cover up.
    A number of years ago I was a regular 8 to 10 cups of coffee a day person.
    I could not imagine not having at least 4, 5 or six cups of coffee each and every day.
    What a difference when this cycle was broken and ended forever.

  13. good read, post more!

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