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Brushing your teeth is a no-brainer when it comes to daily health advice. But have you heard about cleaning your tongue? This should be done every morning before you brush your teeth.

This daily practice helps to get rid of bacteria and yeast that build up on your tongue overnight, and prevents it from re-entering the digestive tract. It can also tonify the digestive tract for the morning.

Cleaning the tongue is an easy way to monitor basic aspects of the digestive system. Some basics to look for: Is your tongue dry and cracked? This could mean dehydration. Is there a white or yellow coating? If so, you could be consuming too many carbs, too much sugar, and it may indicate the presence of yeast.

Tongue cleaners are classically bent metal bands that allow you to scrape your tongue from back to front. They can be purchased at Whole Foods for about $5.99, or at Elephant Pharmacy for around $6.79. You can also use the edge of a spoon, if you want to get started with this and don’t have a tongue cleaner. Don’t use your toothbrush; this just pushes some of the coating deeper into the surface of the tongue

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