Getting Real about Gluten Free (GF)

Many of you have discovered, or are in the process of discovering, whether or not you and gluten are compatible. To make the initial phase of eliminating your favorite gluten-containing foods easier, we almost always suggest GF substitutes.

It is important to understand that these substitutes are usually highly processed carbohydrates, often filled with sugar, cornstarch or other unhealthy additives. They are, in fact, detrimental to balancing blood sugar. So, in reality, we don’t promote eating these kinds of foods (GF or not) on a regular basis.

We do know that they can be helpful initially, and satisfying during special occasions and holidays. GF goodies are particularly great for kids who must eat gluten free, but don’t want to feel deprived, left out, or “different” from their friends. The nourishing way to eating gluten free is to eat your GF carbohydrates in their whole food form. For example, steamed brown rice vs. rice pasta, or fresh corn vs. cornbread.

One of Sheila’s favorite GF carbohydrate is quinoa, both yellow and red. Quinoa (keen-wha) is the king! Quinoa is an ancient food, cultivated in the South American Andes since at least 3,000 B.C. The Incas called quinoa the “mother grain,” as it is high in protein, calcium and iron. This mother grain really isn’t a grain at all. It’s a seed, which might be why it’s so compatible for people who are grain-sensitive.

In Marin, we primarily see yellow quinoa sold in bulk in many stores. However, red quinoa can be found at Good Earth Market in Fairfax. Sheila loves red quinoa because she finds it to have a toastie flavor, and hearty texture. Whichever quinoa you buy, make sure to rinse it several times to help remove the natural saponins that grow on the plant and give it a bitter taste. As an added bonus, quinoa has all of the essential amino acids making it the only GF carbohydrate that contains complete protein.

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  1. This is important. Whole grains should be the foundation for a healthy diet. Gluten Free doesn’t mean nutrient free.

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