I’m having an herbal iced tea at the Starbucks in South Beach, Florida and as a Certified Nutritionist I can’t be in this locale without posting a few comments about  the famous South Beach Diet.  This very popular diet has been helpful to many of its followers by promoting fewer carbs and enforcing a good rule of throwing out the white stuff.  However, it’s my experience that some people, using more is better mentality, take the South Beach diet too far and throw out too many carbs–even the healthy ones like beans, long grain brown rice, wild rice, small red skinned potatoes and quinoa.  I’ve had to repair the diets of extreme South Beachers by teaching them to add back these  healthy complex carbs in modest amounts (1/2 cup) thereby  creating hormonal, blood sugar and brain energy balance.   

So if you want to stop afternoon or night time bingeing and you want a better mood and clear sustained focus throughout the day then eat balanced meals which include protein, healthy fat, lots of nonstarchy veggies and a complex carb!  Oh, and btw, even though the South Beach brand is on the box–all of those packaged foods are processed and fake–throw ‘em out along with the white stuff!

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