7 Tips to Dampen the Blood Sugar Flame Over the Holidaze!

The holidays make us too busy, too stressed and therefore too tired.  And because we’re tired but need to keep going, we reach for the easiest and fastest thing that seems  to help us do that and that’s not a salad–it’s sugar!  If you understand the metabolic mechanics of the holidays then you’ll know how to beat the fatigue, depression and out of control cravings that come from this wonderful but chaotic time of year!

  1. FRUIT: Forget about fruit juices and keep your fruit servings down to 2 low glycemic fruits per day.  No dried fruit.  Fruit cake, banana bread or persimmon pudding does not count as a fruit serving and just because a fruit is in the name doesn’t make it
  2. SWEETENERS: Turbinado, demirara, brown sugar, maple syrup, agave, honey, fructose, palm sugar, evaporated cane juice, dried palm sugar, rice syrup, barley malt……….need I go on? These are all high glycemic and need to be limited.  Don’t sweeten your hot beverages and absolutely DO NOT substitute with artificial sweeteners……unless you’d like to gain weight and add toxins to your brain.
  3. FAT FREE: Yeah right, less fat but guess what there is usually more of?  Yep, sugar.
    Remember to read the label for the GRAMS OF SUGARS in the food item particularly if it says it is reduced fat or fat free!
  4. BREAKFAST: Have it! No, not a coffee and a bran muffin.  That might sound healthy
    but it’s just a cupcake for grown ups and hence, a high glycemic load!  Be especially aware about having a protein dominant breakfast during the holiday season, not a carb laden bakery item.
  5. ALCOHOL: Ok, here is where you can really pack it in!  The triple whammy for glycemic load, calories and food intolerance is the traditional egg nog–let alone spiked egg nog!  Run to the other side of the room if this is being served. Those seemingly cozy hot toddies are carbohydrate bombs.  Remember that alcohol is expert at moving through mucus membranes and will start effecting your blood sugar even before you swallow it!  If you are going to enjoy ONE glass of wine, do so with your meal!
  6. BALANCE: This doesn’t mean to figure out how to hold your wine glass and hors d’oeuvres plate in the same hand so you can grab more from the buffet table with the other.  It means to make sure you are having lean protein servings, healthy fat choices and many low glycemic vegetable servings with a modest 1/2 cup healthy carb on your plate.  Balance means that you know you are going to a Holiday party where you will likely have a dessert (1 small serving), so you don’t eat ANY sweets the rest of the week.
  7. EXERCISE: No matter what–move!!!  You MUST use your muscles during the holiday season in order for them to burn stored carb and fat!  I know it’s cold and rainy out–go to the gym, just get there.  No gym membership but you have a 2 story house or an uphill driveway?  Then burst up those stairs or driveway with an easy walk down and repeat and repeat and repeat!  Get that book on tape and go for a walk, in fact, as one of my clients does, she allows herself another chapter–but onlyif exercising!

If you are super vigilante about your carb and sugar intake through out the holiday season, a small indulgence at your favorite holiday get together won’t turn into days and days of continual carb loading,  elevated insulin levels and a source of next year’s resistance to weight loss!

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