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When it comes to describing the growing suspicion around toxicity and chronic health conditions we often use the term cumulative body burden (of toxins).  This describes the fact that toxins, most of them unseen, many of them odorless yet all of them pervasive enter our bodies in consistent small quantities over time!  This accumulation of toxins in our bodies turns small quantities into larger amounts that at some point derail the body’s hormones, impair the digestive system and even change our genetic expression.  No wonder there is a rising prevalence of hard to explain health conditions in both children and adults today!

Having just finished a recent detoxification program with my clients, I’m reminded to share this practical and valuable information from a handout that I give out during the third and final week of the program, right before the participants are transitioning back to their customary food and lifestyle routines.  Some of these tips might seem trivial to you but it is the small changes that we make in our daily lives that changes the cumulative exposure to toxic products that can make the difference between a chronic health issue or not in ourselves and our children!

Which of these health changing detoxification tips can you already check off and which ones can you immediately make a change with this week or this month?

1.  Eat organic!  Yes, spend the money on cleaner, safer food.  I swear it’s less money than you’ve probably spent on some luxury items that don’t positively impact your health at all!  All oil or fat containing foods such as meats, dairy products, nuts/seeds and eggs MUST be organic to be safe for you and your family’s health.

2.  Install a high quality water filter on your tap water source at home.

3.  Use a HEPA filter on your furnace at home and vacuum frequently, dust is known to trap a lot of toxins.

4.  Always use no VOC paint on home or office painting projects.

5.  Throw out your Teflon nonstick cookware and replace it with proven safer nonstick pans.  You probably only need 1, maybe 2 of these pans at most.

6.  Throw out aluminum cookware, especially baking pans and other containers.  Your  deodorant and baking powder should also be aluminum free!

7.  Get rid of all of your plastic containers and replace them with glass!  There’s nothing like a good ‘ol glass jar to store some of your favorite foods (especially if they contain oils of any kind).

8.  Forget chlorine containing products, the BIG one being bleach!  Chlorine is implicated in several health conditions such as endometriosis and asthma.  There are good chlorine-free bleaches such as 7th Generation or Ecover.

9.  Change to safe skin/hair care products and makeup without parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, pthalates, triclosan, oxybenzone or BHA.  Check out the safety of your current product at  www.cosmeticsdatabase.com

10.  Change out all of your house cleaning and yard products to nontoxic green brands.  There are many of them out there now.  Look online before you shop and find out where those brands are sold.

11.  Find out whether the furniture, linens and household items you are purchasing have flame retardants in them, especially with your children’s clothing, sleepwear, mattresses and pillows.  PBDE’s have been shown to disrupt brain development and hormone systems and their presence in fetal umbilical blood is documented.

12.  I’d like to say OMIT but realistically it might be wise to say significantly decrease your use of canned foods.  The lining of the can contains BPA, a known endocrine disrupting chemical.  So, can you choose a bottle or a jar of the same food item instead of a can?  Buy your kids’ favorite beverage in a bottle instead of a can.  Even your beer should be from a bottle, not a can.  Many good quality soups are sold in a carton now instead of a can.

Oh sorry, but those to-go or home delivered pizza boxes and microwave popcorn bags are also lined with BPA!  Google it if you need a reminder about how to make popcorn the old fashioned way and as for the pizza……well, I say throw out the pizza along with the box, it’s got too many allergenic food groups in it!!

I hope I’ve given you some practical, easy to do right away tips to lessen the toxicity that is impacting you and your family every day!  Why wait until you have an unchanging,  hard to explain health symptom or condition, make these changes now so you never have to face that.

Remember when there was a time when we didn’t think just a few cigarettes each week would be a problem either?!

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  1. Aren’t those soup “cartons” also lined with the stuff?? Katherine

  2. This post is such a gift Sheila. I hope that this reaches many, many people as this basic information can help us feel SO much better. Thank you for posting for all to see. YOU are a gift.


  3. You continually amaze me with all you know. Thanks for the list, Sheila!

  4. Okay – I do some of the items on this list … We pretty much eat nothing that comes out of a can, except refried or black beans – so I’m good there. Your facts were interesting though … I’ve always just made the choice to eat fresh or in-season because everything just tastes better

  5. Sheila,
    Never really thought about this at all. Amazing information.

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