Pre-Diabetes: A Dangerous Misnomer! [FFYH March 2012]

I hate this term — PRE-diabetes! Pre is a prefix that means ‘before’. So, in other words, pre-diabetes implies the status before being diabetic, a status that could easily be misconstrued as…..your getting close but you’re not there yet, so as long as you can stay out of the diabetic category — you’re good! There could be nothing farther from the truth! The PRE-diabetic status actually has real diagnoses with billing codes that are proof of the medical conditions that are really going on here. The symptoms and more importantly, the health risks, that are present during the pre-diabetes stage can equal those that are commonly seen during full blown diabetes. It’s critical to take a look at and learn about these PRE-diabetic conditions because this is where a large portion of the American population is living and dying!

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  1. Super tips Sheila!! Thank you for educating us on this important pre-diabetic issue.

    Kiyla Fenell

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