BRAND X OR BRAND WHY: Which Brand of Health Care Do You Use?

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From a very young age I always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives regarding their heath and even when I was newly licensed as a physical therapist I rebelled against one size fits all treatment protocols. Later, as I became a certified nutritionist  I realized that to only practice and dispense Brand X care was intellectually shallow, professionally irresponsible, not rewarding for myself or the patient and never really empowered people to regain control of their health.

Brand X health care is all about giving this because you complain of that.  You have sinus congestion so take an antihistamine.  You have heartburn so take an antacid.  You have muscle tension or spasm so use some heat.  You have acne, take an antibiotic.  Tight hamstring?  Stretch.  Don’t get me wrong, symptoms can be very serious and do need to be controlled to avoid debilitating health crises. But without bringing Brand WHY into the health care picture, one continues to suppress symptoms while the unfound reason for those symptoms continues to erode the foundation of one’s health.

Enter Brand WHY.  Brand WHY is not really a brand at all but a model of health care that seeks to answer the question……why?  Why do you have heartburn?  Why does your skin breakout? Why does your back keep ‘going out’?  Why do you have high cholesterol?  Could it be because you have an under functioning thyroid gland? (I did and when my thyroid problem was finally found and treated my cholesterol went down 90 points!).

This model of health care that seeks to answer the question why? is not a quick ‘grab and go’ model.  Seeking the answers to why a symptom is there requires deep and detailed knowledge of human physiology and an understanding that all systems in the human body communicate with each other and  that we can have physical responses to our emotions, our thoughts, our food and our environment.  The answer to why may require study and research and the putting together of seemingly disparate pieces of someone’s health history.  Treatment in the WHY model requires taking time with the patient to have a dialogue that brings out important wisdom filled words that exist within the patient.  The treatment approach in the WHY model of health care may require an action step that needs close monitoring, asking more questions, making course corrections and customized adjustments, there is no one size fits all!

Where as Brand X has much more to do with the question of WHAT?  What do I have and so what do I take for it? (ie.  you have a cough so take a cough suppressant).  Brand WHY is all about why do I have what I do?  Those people who continue to seek help for chronic or recurrent health issues know that the WHAT model no longer serves them and they may or may not know that they are looking for someone who will help them answer the question, WHY do I continue suffering from this problem?   Brand WHY takes more time, it requires advanced training and high level thinking from your practitioner, it demands patience with the process and asks for continued connection between professional and patient.  It’s not just a matter of thinking ‘out of the box’ because in the Brand WHY model of health care — there is no box!

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Sheila’s cutting edge ability to uncover hidden source(s) of health issues when no one else has is the first piece to her step wise approach in solving your persistent health complaints.

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Opinions & Feedback:

  1. This makes such a great point about the state of our medical care in this country. You are one of the few people who have the knowledge base to figure out the “why” so keep preaching your message!

  2. Sing it, Sister! What get’s so frustrating is that with the HMO model for health care now, we just become one more product to be packaged and sent out the door. The time to sit and listen, to ask the Whys of any health challenge is just not there. Not for us, and often not for the health care providers.

    So not only do they not ask us Why but they don’t have time for our Whys either–why do I have to take this for ten days; why this expensive brand and not the generic one; why don’t you know about thermal imaging as an alternative option to mammograms?

    Sigh! It makes me stay as far away from the traditional health care system as I can get.

  3. SOOOOOOOOO in favor of Brand WHY… Band X seems to be about labels and symptoms. Brand WHY is about getting at the core issue. Kudos to you for taking such a stand for Brand WHY!! XOXO, Katherine.

  4. Sheila,

    I feel blessed that the first doctor I had as an adult was a holistic practitioner who was far more likely to alter my diet or add a supplement or even give me a homeopathic remedy than write a prescription. Clearly, he was dispensing brand WHY. And it spoiled me for any other kind of care.

  5. Sheila,

    Exactly WHY the government needs to stay away from forcing their version of healthcare down our throats, pun intended. Agree with you 1000%


  6. Sheila,

    WHY, WHY, WHY don’t we have more wellness minded practitioners like yourself in this world? Great article – I totally agree!

    Dr. Robert Fenell
    Founder & CEO, Chiropractic Hand & Foot Clinics Of America

  7. Hi Sheila!

    Too often Drs simply throw drugs at people. Wellness minded practioners are few and far between. After over 25 years of “care” in the military health care system… only 1 time did a Doc ask me about the underlying reasons that I was having symptoms. Good stuff my Friend!


  8. Sheila, I so agree about the WHY factor being critical for meeting the needs of our clients!
    Hats off to YOU for also taking such an in depth health history, making test recommendations and always answering your clients questions. Keep up the Gluten Group as I’m sure it’s helping many people to learn about it and know there is support.

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