BRAND X OR BRAND WHY: Which Brand of Health Care Do You Use? [FFYH May 2012]

From a very young age I always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives regarding their heath and even when I was newly licensed as a physical therapist I rebelled against one size fits all treatment protocols. Later, as I became a certified nutritionist I realized that to only practice and dispense Brand X care was intellectually shallow, professionally irresponsible, not rewarding for myself or the patient and never really empowered people to regain control of their health.

About Sheila Wagner PT, CN, BCHN

Sheila’s cutting edge ability to uncover hidden source(s) of health issues when no one else has is the first piece to her step wise approach in solving your persistent health complaints.

+Sheila Wagner is the ultimate expert assisting people nationwide to finally fix their health through 1:1 consults, group programs, lectures and classes.

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