Spring Time Allergies: Cause or Effect?

Of course the beautiful flowers and budding trees of Spring can bring with them the dreaded itchy, watery eyes, scratchy throat, post nasal drip, sneezing and constant congestion for some people.  For many people this is a true blue classic allergy due to a particular grass, pollen, blooming tree or shrub that spews out pollens that their immune system produces antibodies and histamines to.

hayfever womanFor others, allergies are actually a symptom indicating that their immune system is not in balance and the issue that is causing the imbalance has not yet been found or at least has not been fixed.  Itchy eyes, sneezing  and congestion are all symptoms that something else is really going on.


More often than not I have found in someone’s history that they used to have bad hay fever or pollen allergies but “grew out of  them” they will say.  Or, that they started to have spring time allergies that “started just a few years ago, never before”.   And even others will say that their spring time allergies have turned into constant congestion and they comment that “now I’m allergic to whatever grows all year round!”

All of these phrases tip me off that this person may not really have a true classic allergy in and of itself but rather is experiencing allergies as a sign (what we see) or  symptom (what we complain of) of something else going on that is making the immune system out of balance and over reactive!  That’s what allergies are:  an immune system that is reacting too much.

My own experience includes developing severe hayfever, at any time of year, in my early 30’s when I never had it before, ever!  Also at that time, I became very immune reactive to cats, especially kittens,  even though I had grown up with cats and had cats as pets through out my 20’s.  It’s hard to forget the day when my eyes were so swollen and watery I could barely see out of them!


In my case and in many others that I have worked with, I have discovered that a food intolerance was the key issue that was causing the immune system to become out of balance and over reactive. The unknown yet growing burden of food antigen/antibody complexes building up in the body finally tips the immune system over the edge and it starts reacting to more than it should!

Once the food intolerance is discovered and eliminated, it’s so great to watch the immune system calm down, regain balance and strength and stop reacting to the pollens, animals or even house dust that was previously so problematic.  I remember one 40 year old guy tell me that he has never known adult life without using a decongestant every day.  After discovering and eliminating his food intolerances, his congestion was gone and his “year round hay fever” was reduced to a tolerable spring time sniffle.

Others who have true pollen allergies may continue experiencing these allergies but often at reduced severity, even 50% less!  For those who continue to have the annoying symptoms of hay fever and have already omitted intolerant foods, I often recommend products that are not harsh on the immune system yet still provide some relief from the histamine induced reactions.


aller-essentialsTry using products that reduce inflammation such as nettles and Vitamin C.  Products that contain the powerful flavonoid and antioxidant quercitin can be very helpful in controlling histamine response due its ability to control the cells that produce a lot of the inflammatory chemicals, these are called mast cells.  Other compounds that stabilize mast cell membranes are hesperidin and apple polyphenols.

Some of my favorite products that contain these effective compounds are Designs for Health’s HistaEze, Quercitin & Nettles and C BioFizz powder, or Pure Encapsulations Aller-Essentials is another very good product.


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