Blood Sugar Solution: 5 Signs That Your Blood Sugar May Need Help

SOverweight Woman -blood sugar solutionigns that your blood sugar may need help can be quite obvious like drowsiness after a high carb meal or failing energy when its been too long since you last ate, but signs of mismanaged blood sugar can also seem as if they are totally unrelated particularly when so many other reasons can cause the same complaints such as inability to stay asleep at night, infertility, erectile dysfunction, acne and depression. Stubborn weight gain with belly fat that doesn’t go away is the hallmark of blood sugar regulation problems and yet people still think that it’s a calories in/calories out issue! If low calorie dieting was the solution, then many people across the U.S. would be fitting into their slim cut low rise jeans by now! That’s clearly not the answer!

Here’s 5 Signs that you may need a blood sugar solution:

Sign #1: Resistance to weight loss.

This person usually has prominent abdominal fat, carb cravings, increased frequency of urination during the day or night, loves sweets after dinner and might not have a great appetite for breakfast. They also complain of not being able to lose their weight no matter what they do!

Sign #2: Cravings for comfort foods and beverages.

If this is you, you might carry extra weight but you might not! You could over eat or you could under eat and actually skip meals or not eat on time. You might really enjoy a caffeinated beverage in the mid to late afternoon and late night snacking may be your downfall!

Sign #3: Fatigue!

There are all kinds of fatigue but with blood sugar regulation issues you could be tired when you wake up in the morning even after a good night’s sleep or your fatigue might be most prominent after you eat. You realize that your food and beverages play a central role in keeping your energy up and going! You might be someone who finds your energy finally gets going at night around 9 or 10pm and now you don’t get to bed on time!

Sign #4: Crappy sleep.

Someone with difficulty falling asleep could be the person who has sign #1, 2 or 3. Eating the wrong foods or even the right foods but too late at night can make falling asleep really tough. On the other hand your blood sugar could really peak earlier and then plummet in the middle of the night. This is particularly true if you are stressed out, your blood sugar doesn’t glide down gracefully at 3 or 4 AM into the safety net of well functioning adrenal glands, rather it keeps going down setting off stress chemistry alarms that wake you up!

And finally…here’s Sign #5, see if this rings a bell for you:

Stressed Working Woman - blood sugar solutionSign #5: Bad mood: anxious, depressed or all over the map!

This could be as simple as getting irritable when you haven’t eaten but unattended blood sugar over time can also lead to chronic anxiety and depression. This person can really feel better when they eat, even euphoric or manic but this will soon slip as their hard to regulate blood sugar is changing rapidly. If this is you, you might also experience low grade headaches, digestive disturbances or find it hard to feel pleasure with usually fun activities. You might have bouts of binge eating always followed by a low mood after that!

These are just some of the signs of blood sugar regulation issues. Feel free to mix and match the signs, the examples, and the related symptoms. The results of poor blood sugar management, particularly over time, can result in symptoms and conditions that are chronic and bothersome to truly life threatening. Balancing your blood sugar is a basic mechanism in your body of which you want to become an expert handler – that’s why I developed The Blood Sugar Mastery Class!™. Check it out!

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