Finally Fix Your Health® With a Professional Who Listens, Looks Beyond the Obvious and Gets Results

Sheila Wagner Health SolutionsI’m glad you’re here because I want to share with you a little bit about me.

Often when patients come my way they’re discouraged because they haven’t found the answers they are looking for.

Often they’ve already seen multiple practitioners and are really frustrated because they still don’t know why they feel the way they do, let alone what to do about it (maybe you can relate?).

Because this is a typical situation for those who benefit from my help, I start out with a very keen eye on why you aren’t better despite having received some very good care. In other words, I always ask several questions, the most important being, “Has your entire story been heard or are there still some missing pieces?” From there we examine,

  • What’s not being addressed?
  • Is your previous treatment plan not sequenced properly?
  • Are you missing critical information that can help you improve your health via experiential education?

By asking these important questions we begin to uncover what’s really going on with you.

My results are proven and you can view my professional bio, but first I want to share a couple of case studies with you to demonstrate the results I get for my patients. You see I am passionate about what I do because I’ve experienced similar frustration with health issues of my own earlier in life. I know what it’s like to experience discomfort, search for help and not get the answers you’re looking for!

Here are the case studies I promised.

Susan had seen several different specialists for recurring back pain which never fully resolved

Susan came to me after she had seen several different specialists for recurring back pain which never fully resolved until I conducted a multifaceted assessment (part of my process with all patients). This revealed a connection between her back pain and low grade digestive issues.

I found out that Susan suffered from multiple food intolerances, gall bladder issues and irregular blood sugar. By understanding the cause of her symptoms and realizing that all systems are connected, I was able to develop a treatment plan to resolve her back pain and the health issues causing it.

Another example of why it’s so important to look beyond the symptoms and get to the cause is Laura’s story:

Laura was struggling with fatigue,
digestive issues, and inability to lose weight

Laura, a working mom, was struggling with fatigue, digestive issues, and inability to lose weight. Before participating in my in depth assessment she sought the help of several professionals who offered no solution. My assessment uncovered that Laura was suffering from adrenal fatigue causing poorly managed blood sugar which was the underlying cause of her fatigue, mood swings and cravings. Laura also suffered from iron deficiency anemia which had gone unnoticed until she worked with me.

She was also experiencing reactions from food intolerances which caused her indigestion and weight gain. I was able to create a properly sequenced treatment plan to permanently correct Laura’s health issues and give Laura the knowledge and tools to keep herself symptom free.

I’d be honored to have the opportunity to
help you finally fix your health.