7 Things Medical School is Teaching Me to do for My Health

Let me set the stage for you…medical school is like taking a sip of water from a fire hydrant, the delivery of information is more than you can imagine, it just keeps coming at you and and you have to learn how to manage it because this experience will continue for 4 years! Even though […]

New Years Resolution: Be More Selfish

I don’t think anyone, at least no one I know, would ever say that they don’t want to be helpful to others. Whether that’s parents helping children, neighbors helping each other, friends being supportive, coworkers lending a hand, providing guidance to someone who is lost…..the list goes on and on which is great and what’s […]

Non-Dairy Not Too Sweet Coconut Mango Creamy Dessert

I could only think to name this dessert what describes it!  That’s right, it’s not dairy but you’ll swear it is!  During the hot summer months we all enjoy a cold creamy treat but if you are dairy intolerant like I am ice cream isn’t ok and many of the sorbets are just too sweet […]

How Changing My Food Fixed My Back Pain

You can listen to the article here. When I am in social settings and people learn that I am a Physical Therapist, it’s pretty standard  for people to tell me about their health that includes some kind of musculoskeletal complaint or surgery even though they have never had an accident, injury or any event that […]

7 Tips to Dampen the Blood Sugar Flame Over the Holidaze!

The holidays make us too busy, too stressed and therefore too tired.  And because we’re tired but need to keep going, we reach for the easiest and fastest thing that seems  to help us do that and that’s not a salad–it’s sugar!  If you understand the metabolic mechanics of the holidays then you’ll know how […]


You can listen to the article here.   I don’t know anyone nowadays who doesn’t answer affirmatively to dealing with some kind of stress.  The question really is for how long?  For some people it’s been low to moderate stress for quite a long time and for others it’s been high stress in repetitive episodes.  […]


Have you ever noticed a pattern that certain nagging health issues reappear or increase during the Autumn season?  If you have, then you’ve tuned in to the energy of the Fall season aggravating your health, let me explain how this happens. We’ve just come from Summer which has the qualities of being hot, intense, sweaty […]

Getting Real about Gluten Free (GF)

Many of you have discovered, or are in the process of discovering, whether or not you and gluten are compatible. To make the initial phase of eliminating your favorite gluten-containing foods easier, we almost always suggest GF substitutes. It is important to understand that these substitutes are usually highly processed carbohydrates, often filled with sugar, […]