Signs and Symptoms of Blood Sugar Imbalance

Identifying signs and symptoms of blood sugar imbalance early on is key to avoiding the complications of high and low blood sugar problems! In health care, signs are what we see and symptoms are what someone reports or complains of. Could a health issue be both a sign and a symptom? Yes it can as […]

Blood Sugar Solution: 5 Signs That Your Blood Sugar May Need Help

Signs that your blood sugar may need help can be quite obvious like drowsiness after a high carb meal or failing energy when its been too long since you last ate, but signs of mismanaged blood sugar can also seem as if they are totally unrelated particularly when so many other reasons can cause the […]

Non-Dairy Not Too Sweet Coconut Mango Creamy Dessert

I could only think to name this dessert what describes it!  That’s right, it’s not dairy but you’ll swear it is!  During the hot summer months we all enjoy a cold creamy treat but if you are dairy intolerant like I am ice cream isn’t ok and many of the sorbets are just too sweet […]

What is Type 3 Diabetes?

Let’s Review Let’s start out by reviewing what we already know about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  Type 1 diabetes has also been known as insulin dependent diabetes and juvenile diabetes.  In medical related literature you will often see it written as T1DM. The term juvenile diabetes doesn’t really work anymore because we see people transition […]

Iron Levels are Like Goldilocks, Not Too Much, Not Too Little…Just Right!

Like many components of your blood, your Iron level has a window of optimal function, swinging too far in either direction, too much or too little,  creates problems that can leave you feeling tired and achey!  If iron moves far enough in one direction or the other then it ultimately can turn into a diagnosis of […]

Optimal Blood Sugar Means Addressing ‘When’

When I teach The Blood Sugar Mastery Class™ I address a lot of topics in the 6+ hours of teaching including the what, why, where, when, how and  how much we eat that can make or break a blood sugar problem!  Most everyone gets it that what we eat is a big deal when it […]

7 Tips to Dampen the Blood Sugar Flame Over the Holidaze!

The holidays make us too busy, too stressed and therefore too tired.  And because we’re tired but need to keep going, we reach for the easiest and fastest thing that seems  to help us do that and that’s not a salad–it’s sugar!  If you understand the metabolic mechanics of the holidays then you’ll know how […]

Could Your Blood Sugar Be Causing Your Joint Pain?

I know you’re aware that repetitive stress, sitting too long, being overweight, an old injury, poor posture and even ill fitting shoes can all contribute to joint pain whether that’s in your back, your knee or your neck. But are you aware that your blood sugar and how you manage it can be THE source […]