Healthy Holiday Eating: 5 Tips to Lighten the Metabolic Load

Do you feel that healthy holiday eating is an oxymoron?  Do you just assume that you are going to add the ‘holiday ten’ and deal with losing it after the New Year?  I guess you could choose that, but I can’t tell you how rough that is on your blood sugar chemistry and how long […]


A physical cliff has the same vulnerable and perilous feeling that the fiscal cliff imposes and it is also at the mercy of pre-existing conditions and indecision!  You may or may not realize that you are on a physical cliff, it’s not always obvious! Characteristics Of A Physical Cliff: There are many, many clues that […]

Everyone Should Eat Fruit, Right?

You can listen to the article here Wrong, not if you have fructose intolerance!  Food intolerances as a source of health complaints have become more and more well known, and among the heavy hitters is gluten intolerance.  What used to be an almost unknown food issue just 5 years ago is mentioned now in almost […]

When Normal Isn’t Normal

You can listen to the article here. I know that some of you are like me. You rarely go to the doctor, you read up on all of the latest health information which is easily done online and you work to relieve what ails you on your own and most of the time you can.  […]

The Truth About Fat Loss

You can listen to the article here. If you have followed the topic of weight loss over the years you should have noticed a change in  what has been thought of as THE cause of weight gain and therefore the SOLUTION to weight loss!   If previous thinking was correct, shouldn’t most of the weight loss […]

BRAND X OR BRAND WHY: Which Brand of Health Care Do You Use?

You can listen to the article here. From a very young age I always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives regarding their heath and even when I was newly licensed as a physical therapist I rebelled against one size fits all treatment protocols. Later, as I became a certified nutritionist  I realized that […]

Spirituality and Food

My trip to Bali in 2008 was not only a colorful and taste filled adventure but also a lesson in spirituality and food. Wherever I went in Bali, I found it easy to eat wholesome and well- balanced meals. They use fresh herbs and spices ground by hand, in combinations that result in clean and […]


I’m having an herbal iced tea at the Starbucks in South Beach, Florida and as a Certified Nutritionist I can’t be in this locale without posting a few comments about  the famous South Beach Diet.  This very popular diet has been helpful to many of its followers by promoting fewer carbs and enforcing a good […]

Have You Really Tried Everything For Your Persistent Skin Issues?

Have You Really Tried Everything For Your Persistent Skin Issues? Maybe you’ve tried lotions, compresses, one cream after another and even oatmeal baths.  But have you tried a 100% Gluten Free Diet for at least a month or more? I lectured last month at the Gluten Intolerance Group of Marin’s bimonthly meeting on exactly this […]


Having just finished running another Detoxification Program this summer, I’m reminded about how eliminating certain foods and beverages not only gives our bodies a break from the taxing process of metabolizing fake or toxic foods, but also how it can be a critical step to discovering underlying fatigue issues that actually need consultation and treatment. […]