Everyone Should Eat Fruit, Right? [FFYH December]

Wrong, not if you have fructose intolerance!  Food intolerances as a source of health complaints have become more and more well known, and among the heavy hitters is gluten intolerance.  What used to be an almost unknown food issue just 5 years ago is mentioned now in almost every type of media from newspaper articles […]

When Normal Isn’t Normal [FFYH November]

I know that some of you are like me. You rarely go to the doctor, you read up on all of the latest health information which is easily done online and you work to relieve what ails you on your own and most of the time you can.  So when you finally go to the […]

The Truth About Fat Loss [FFHY Oct 2012]

Carbs, fats or calories? The truth about losing fat is covered in this article!

How Changing My Food Fixed My Back Pain [FFHY August 2012]

For those who have experienced back pain–this article is for you!

5 Tips to Avoid Sprains and Strains [FFYH July 2012]

In recognition of the Summer Olympics, I wanted to review some tips to avoid sprains and strains when working out.

Detoxification: A Silent System With Many Players [FFYH June 2012]

In recognition of those who have gone through my detox program and for those who arecurrently going through it I thought it only fitting to write about detoxification this month and highlight some of the aspects of this system

BRAND X OR BRAND WHY: Which Brand of Health Care Do You Use? [FFYH May 2012]

From a very young age I always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives regarding their heath and even when I was newly licensed as a physical therapist I rebelled against one size fits all treatment protocols. Later, as I became a certified nutritionist I realized that to only practice and dispense Brand X […]

Food and Pain: Oh C’Mon, Do They Really Go Together? [FFYH April 2012]

Yes they do!  And I can’t tell you how incredibly easy it is to forget that food can be causing not only your pain, but your skin problems, your irritable or low mood, your fatigue, your restless legs, infertility or PMS!  Whew……… I could go on but this article is centered specifically on food and […]

Pre-Diabetes: A Dangerous Misnomer! [FFYH March 2012]

I hate this term — PRE-diabetes! Pre is a prefix that means ‘before’. So, in other words, pre-diabetes implies the status before being diabetic, a status that could easily be misconstrued as…..your getting close but you’re not there yet, so as long as you can stay out of the diabetic category — you’re good! There […]


When it comes to describing the growing suspicion around toxicity and chronic health conditions we often use the term cumulative body burden (of toxins).  This describes the fact that toxins, most of them unseen, many of them odorless yet all of them pervasive enter our bodies in consistent small quantities over time!  This accumulation of toxins in our […]