Keynote Speaking Topics
to Finally Fix Your Health®

Sheila Wagner Keynote Speaker on Finally Fixing Your HealthSheila Wagner is a sought out, high-energy keynote speaker delivering dynamic, engaging and transformational presentations for conferences, workshops, medical meetings and more. She teaches high-level knowledge in a simple, clear and compelling way so that you leave equipped with the ability to finally fix your health!

Sheila Wagner, PT, CN is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Nutritionist, founder of Finally Fix Your Health®, LLC and a resource for patients nationwide. Specializing in the evaluation and treatment of hard to resolve health conditions involving pain, fatigue, digestive and metabolic dysfunctions Sheila has helped resolve health issues for thousands of patients.

She’s well known for finding solutions to ailments your doctor might not know to look for. Sheila speaks on critical strategies that are essential to solving difficult health conditions. She is well versed in ailment specific health resolutions and can customize topics based on your audience needs.

Review her keynote topic and listings of customizable topics below.

Critical Strategies That Can Finally Fix Your Health®

(That Most People Overlook)!

The body IS complex so you need someone to clearly and simply teach you what you really need to know to take back control of your health. If you’re already proactive about improving your health but you still haven’t been able to change it from all that you have read and done, Sheila is your answer to making sense of the overwhelm and confusion about how to finally feel better.

Sheila’s philosophies are proven to help you discover what it really takes to improve your health. If you’re tired of spending money and not getting the results you want or if you, or someone you love, have/has tried to improve your health by participating in diets and food plans that don’t change the way you feel, you’re in the right place. Sheila will help you discover what’s missing and what you can do about it. You’ll walk away with life-changing information and understand the foundational issues that must be attended to in order to start feeling well.

You will discover:

  • The critical elements that are often being overlooked by health care professionals and doctors and why they are essential to finally fixing your health
  • The three most common denominators that cause your health issues to go unresolved and why it’s absolutely vital to solve them
  • How food intolerances can go unnoticed and can cause health issues you aren’t even aware of
  • How mastering your blood sugar is key to controlling pain, eliminating excess weight and preventing degenerative disease
  • How toxins can silently derail your health by altering your hormones, your brain function or your ability to lose weight
  • Important questions that you should be asking healthcare professionals to get the answers you’re really looking for
  • Practical action steps you can take to resolve health issues once and for all

To schedule Sheila for a Keynote presentation please contact Sheila’s office.

Topic Specific Presentations

Sheila’s expertise allows her to customize presentations based on specific health related issues including gluten intolerance, detoxification, digestive health, unstable blood sugar and more. Some of her speaking topics are listed below and she’s able to customize topics based on your area of interest or audience specific needs.

  • Conquer the Confusion of Gluten Intolerance
  • Are Your Favorite (and Even Healthy) Foods Making Your Children Sick?
  • Are You Gluten Free and Still Don’t Feel Well?
  • The Truth about Detoxification: You’re Not Fat You’re Toxic!
  • 3 Simple Yet Critical Steps You Can Take to Finally Fix Your Health

To schedule Sheila for a speaking engagement or request a customized presentation please contact Sheila’s office.

Hearing Sheila speak was like a breath
of fresh air. She really gets it!

“As a busy business owner and mother, nutrition and overall health and wellness are important to me, but the information out there often feels way too confusing and complicated to deal with. Hearing Sheila speak was like a breath of fresh air. She really gets it! She combines impeccable professional experience with down-to-earth charm in her presentations, easily captivating her audience with her grace and style. I highly recommend Sheila as a speaker, her way of dispensing practical information with candor and humor leaves her audience impressed with her knowledge and inspired by her example.”

Star Ladin, Founder, Art Farm Creative

Her knowledge is impressive and her
energy is contagious!

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Sheila Wagner speak many times. She is an engaging teacher who takes complicated health topics and makes them fascinating and easy to understand. Her knowledge is impressive and her energy is contagious!“

Alison St. Sure, Pamela’s Gluten Free Foods, Sales and Marketing Manager

Her content is well researched, thoroughly
explained, and she makes it enjoyable to learn.

“If I had one word for Sheila and her presentation style, it would be Inspirational. Her content is well researched, thoroughly explained, and she makes it enjoyable to learn. Sheila’s energy is contagious and her ability to provide one-on-one support while presenting is another reason why she is truly an inspiration!”

Crystal Brown, Solano County Celiacs

Sheila is an engaging and wonderful speaker

“Sheila provided a presentation for my teachers entitled, “Are Your Kids’ Favorite Foods Affecting Their Learning?” We really enjoyed learning more about how certain food products can affect one’s health. Sheila is an engaging and wonderful speaker and we enjoyed listening and interacting with her.”

Nancy Kuwata, Principle, Rancho School Novato