7 Things Medical School is Teaching Me to do for My Health

Let me set the stage for you…medical school is like taking a sip of water from a fire hydrant, the delivery of information is more than you can imagine, it just keeps coming at you and and you have to learn how to manage it because this experience will continue for 4 years! Even though […]

Are You Owning Your Gluten Intolerance 100%?

5 SIGNS THAT YOU ARE TAKING 100% OWNERSHIP OF YOUR GLUTEN INTOLERANCE Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) has finally come full circle, from the public knowing that it is very real,  then trickling up to the Celiac researchers who could no longer deny that they were seeing people who have clear evidence of reactions to […]

Signs and Symptoms of Blood Sugar Imbalance

Identifying signs and symptoms of blood sugar imbalance early on is key to avoiding the complications of high and low blood sugar problems! In health care, signs are what we see and symptoms are what someone reports or complains of. Could a health issue be both a sign and a symptom? Yes it can as […]

FALSE Negative Gluten Intolerance Blood Test?

Are you one of the many people who have had a gluten intolerance blood test that came out negative? Were you thrilled when you were told that your test results say that you can have wheat? But are you also one of the even greater number of people that remain confused about their test results […]

New Years Resolution: Be More Selfish

I don’t think anyone, at least no one I know, would ever say that they don’t want to be helpful to others. Whether that’s parents helping children, neighbors helping each other, friends being supportive, coworkers lending a hand, providing guidance to someone who is lost…..the list goes on and on which is great and what’s […]

Blood Sugar Solution: 5 Signs That Your Blood Sugar May Need Help

Signs that your blood sugar may need help can be quite obvious like drowsiness after a high carb meal or failing energy when its been too long since you last ate, but signs of mismanaged blood sugar can also seem as if they are totally unrelated particularly when so many other reasons can cause the […]

Do You Really Need Antacids or Do You Actually Need Zinc?

The antacid Nexium, or the purple pill,  ranks 3rd on the list of drugs that Americans spend the most money on and comes in 5th as the most prescribed drug in the world!!!  That means there’s a LOT of heartburn, gastric reflux and indigestion happening on the globe! Acid reflux and heartburn can happen for […]

What is Type 3 Diabetes?

Let’s Review Let’s start out by reviewing what we already know about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  Type 1 diabetes has also been known as insulin dependent diabetes and juvenile diabetes.  In medical related literature you will often see it written as T1DM. The term juvenile diabetes doesn’t really work anymore because we see people transition […]

Five Keys to Improve Reliability of Food Sensitivity Testing

Food intolerances or sensitivities (I am using those words interchangeably here),  are becoming more and more known and accepted as a real condition or diagnosis.  We used to only know about allergies to foods such as shellfish or peanuts for example where the responses are immediate, significant,  even life threatening.  Food sensitivity, on the other […]

When Normal Isn’t Normal

You can listen to the article here. I know that some of you are like me. You rarely go to the doctor, you read up on all of the latest health information which is easily done online and you work to relieve what ails you on your own and most of the time you can.  […]